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Studio Roundtop Oahu, Hawai’i ROUNDTOP Singapore

We are a multidisciplinary design firm based in Hawai'i and Singapore, owned and run by husband and wife team Neu-Wa and Pamela O'Neill. Our unique geographic identity informs our design work, with an emphasis on a connection to the tropical environment through architecture, interiors and graphics.

Neu-Wa and Pamela have been working together since they met at the University of Hawai'i, where they shared an interest in the relationship between the built environment, people, and nature. After years of professional development with established international architectural practices, they formed Studio Roundtop to better explore these relationships. 

Neu-Wa O'Neill

Born and raised in the forested northern interior of British Columbia, Canada, Neu-Wa is continually inspired and driven by a strong connection to the natural environment. 

Neu-Wa completed a Bachelor of Arts at University of Hawai'i Manoa with a focus on Urban Planning, and was co-founder of Reform Sustainable Furnishings based in Portland, Oregon. After working in furniture design, he wanted to engage in design at a larger scale and completed a Master's of Architecture at the University of Toronto. 

After graduation, Neu-Wa moved to Singapore with Pamela Choo and worked as a Senior Architectural Associate with Multiply Architects, where he was the project lead for several projects at varying scales and managed the Interior Design team. In addition to architectural design practice, he was a co-founder of the Friends of the Green Corridor, a group that worked to conserve the abandoned rail lines of Singapore for public use. 

Pamela O'Neill

Born and raised in Singapore, and now residing in Hawai’i, Pamela draws a strong connection with the tropical landscape.

Completing her B.A. of Architecture at National University of Singapore, along with a short study at University of Hawai'i Manoa, Pamela went on to join the Master of Architecture Program at University of Toronto to attain her Masters degree in Architecture. She previously worked for award-winning firms studioMilou, Lekker and WOHA on a portfolio of projects ranging in the institutional, residential, hospitality and exhibition design. She is also co-founder of the Friends of the Green Corridor, Singapore. 

Pamela is passionate about pursuing a refined sensibility and delight in her work in architecture, graphic design and its sister disciplines.